Keynotes and presentations

Playfulness and social life of young children in group settings. Key note on the 27th ICCP World Play Conference Researching Play – Challenges and Opportunities. 15-17 June 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania

The teacher’s strategies to enhance play engagement and learning
in young children
. Presentation on Early Childhood Care and Education Conference (ECCE- conference), Moscow 10-13 May 2017

Opvoeding is altijd in beweging. Key note op 8e Jaars Conferentie De Week van het Jonge Kind, 7 April 2017.

Research in Early Playfulness. 5.  Key note, Zürcher Tagung zur Frühkindlichen Bildungsund Entwicklungsforschung Spielen und Lernen in der frühen Kindheit Samstag, 1. April 2017, Universität Zürich

Playfulness, Togetherness and Learning in interactions among teachers and children. Presentation on  Early Childhood Care and Education Conference (ECCE- conference), Moscow 12 May 2016.

Fostering mental health and well-being in day-care. Key note on Conference and the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Finnish Association of Child Psychiatry, Helsinki, 16 April 2016.

Children’s well-being, play engagement and peer conflicts. Lecture at Pen Green Center, Corby, UK, 7 January 2016

Agricultural child centers: participative learning and playing at the farm. Presentation at the EECERA Conference Barcelona, 9 September 2015.

Liefdevol, speels en vakkundig. Over de rol van de pedagogisch medewerker in het spleen en leren van jonge kinderen. Key note 3e Internationale Week, Arteveld Hogeschool, Gent, 1 juni 2015.

Begeleiden van interacties tussen kinderen. Keynote Bootcamp, Management Kinderopvang, Ede-Wageningen,  29 mei 2015.

Play and playfulness in early childhood education. Key note at The Fourth Annual International Scientific Conference, Early Childhood Care and Education, Moscow, 23 April 2015.

De rol van de pedagogisch medewerker in het spelen en leren van jonge kinderen. Key note 3e Internationale Week, Arteveld Hogeschool, Gent, 3 juni 2014.

Research on play engagement of young children: the role of the teacher’s availability and communication style. Presentation at the EECERA conference, Crete, 12 September 2014.

Kijken naar jonge kinderen.  Key note 3e Jaarcongres Leve het Jonge Kind, Utrecht, 4 november 2014.

Playing and learning in young children. Lectures as Visiting professor at the Charles Sturt University,  School of Teacher Education, Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education, November 2014.

40 Jaar werken aan pedagogische kwaliteit. Key note Congres Kinderopvang Life, Reehorst, Ede-Wageningen, 23 november 2013.

Playing children and playful teachers. Keynote Western Australia Early Childhood Education Conference. Perth, Australia, 28 Oktober  2013.

Pros and Cons of qualitative and quantitative research methods. , Keynote 2013 WA ECEC Pre Conference Research Symposium, Edith Cowan University Mount Lawley  Perth, Australia, 25 October 2013

Altijd in beweging.  Keynote  Seminar ter gelegenheid van het afscheid van Elly Singer Universiteit Utrecht. Child Care International Aula UU, Utrecht 17 September 2013

Teacher’s role in play engagement of young children. Presentation EECERA conference 2013, Talinn, 30 August 2013.

Availability of the teacher and play engagement in young children. Keynote. Conference National Day Nurseries Association Conference,  Peterborough, UK, 19-20 June 2013.

Play and playfulness, basic qualities in early childhood education. Keynote Conference OMEP, European meeting, 2013. Zagreb, 8-10 May 2013.

Een sprong in de pedagogisch kwaliteit. Keynote Jaarcongres Tijdschrift Kinderopvang 2013. Ede/Wageningen 19 april 2013.

The teacher as homo ludens. Key-note Conference British Early Childhood Education , Birmingham Association20 – 21 February 2013

Pedagogisch medewerkers en spelbetrokkenheid van de kinderen. Key-note Conferentie Pedagogen Platform Kinderopvang Driebergen Zeist. 23 januari 2013.

Een nieuw kind in huis. Ervaringen van de eigen kinderen van pleegouders tijdens de komst van een nieuw pleegkind in het gezin. Key note Symposium Pleegzorg 2012. 12 juni 2012, Reehorst, Ede/Wageningen.

Young children and teachers, playing and learning together. Key note at EECERA conference 2012, 29 August – 1 September 2012, Oporto, Portugal.

Moments of deep learning. Key note Conferentie Kind van Nature 2012. Amersfoort 14 september 2012.

Cultural perspectives on the teacher’s role in young children’s play. Key note Seminar Relational approaches across disciplines, University of Jyväskylä, 8 November 2012, Finland.

Samen Verschillend. Diversiteit in kindercentra voor kinderen van 0-13 jaar. Key note Conferentie Kinderopvang werkt!, Bureau Kwaliteit Kinderopvang. 23 november 2012, Amersfoort, ’t Klooster.

Nooit meer zo alleen. Onderzoek naar wennen in een pleeggezin. Presentatie onderzoeksrapport pleegkinderen. Universiteit van Amsterdam en Stichting Alexander. 26 november 2012 Utrecht.

Peer relationships and friendship among young children. Key note Conference at Pen Green Centre, Corby, UK, 29 January, 2011

Babies interactions with peers and objects. Key note. Conference Baby Nest and Day care for Babies. Christ Church University, Canterbury 15 July 2011.

Young children and Nature. Keynote  2nd European meeting on early childcare and nature education. 26 September 2011, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Grassroots initiatives and inclusive education in Dutch day care centers. Presentation conference Embracing inclusive approaches for children and youth with special educational needs. Riga 11 – 14 July 2010.

Humor in young children in day care groups. Presentation 20th EECERA Conference. Birmingham 6-8 September 2010.

Young children’s togetherness: processes of inclusion and exclusion. 19th EECERA Annual Conference Strasbourg 26-29 August 2009.

What are friends for…? Understanding young children’s social lives in context, views around the globe. Presentation with Margaret  Kernam. 19th EECERA Annual Conference Strasbourg 26-29 August 2009.

Kontakte zwitchen Kindern in Krippenkruppen. Die Kooperationstagung der Robert Bosch Stiftung und der Kommission Padagogik der fruhen Kindheit Kinderkrippen – Krippenkinder. 19  November 2009, Berlin.

Friendship and joint play in 2- and 3-year olds. Presentation EECERA conference Stavanger, Norway, 5 September, 2008.

Conflicts and moral learning of young children in multicultural child care centers in the Netherlands. Association of moral development. Conference 2-4 July. 2008, Utrecht.

Family values and the logic of neoliberalism in the Netherlands: the issue of flexible care. Conference on What is Quality Care? Cultural Assumptions in Institutions of early Childhood Education. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. May 13 – 14 2007.

Social learning in mixed age groups: the role of teachers and peers. Presentatie EECERA-conference, Praag, 29th August – 1st September 2007.

Democratic practices with young children. Open lecture, 2 March 2006, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Social life of young children. Guest lecturer, Comenius Foundation and Warsaw School of Social Psychology, 1 december 2006

Motivation of aggressive behavior. The children’s perspective. Paper presentatie met Marieke Visser (RUG), XII th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, 24-31 Aug. 2005 Tenerife.

Conflict resolution in young children in multicultural day care centres. Paper presentatie met Nienke Bekkema (UU), XII th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, 24-31 Aug. 2005 Tenerife.

The historical roots of blindness for peer relationships of young children. Paper presentation during symposium on Historical Developmental Psychology, ISSBD, July 11-15, 2004, Ghent Belgium.

Toddlers meeting peers who surprise them (with dr. D. de Haan), Paper presentation on Symposium on Learning about Diversity and Togetherness. European Early Childhood Education and Care Association (EECERA), Malta 1-5 September, 2004, Malta.

Parents’ perspectives on teacher interventions in peer conflicts. Paper presentation on Symposium on Respect for Diversity. European Early Childhood Education and Care Association (EECERA), Malta 1-5 September, 2004, Malta.

Being together: what does that mean for young children in early childhood settings? Keynote lecture Spring Conference of the IPPA, Dublin Castle, 18 April 2002.

Cultural transitions of young children in day care centres and (pre)schools. Paper presentation 5th Congress ISCRAT, 18 – 22 July 2002.

Young children’s inner logic and conflict strategies in multicultural cild care centres. Keynote lecture Early Childhood Convention. Palmerston North New Zealand, November 2002.

All children think: how do thinking children develop? Key-note address for the conference Thinking Children: Successes Now and Challenges for the Future. Organized by the British Association for Early Childhood Education and The World Organisation for early Childhood Education (OMEP), 8 february 2003, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK

The inner logic of young children’s behavior. Keynote address 11th European Conference on Quality in Early Childhood Education (EECERA), Alkmaar, 29 August – 1 September 2001.

Maarten’s theory. Talking with children about psychology. Key-note Lecture Seminar  New Ways of Working with Children, organized by the national group for research and development of Playing with Words, University of London, 3 December 2001.

(Foster)children’s strategies in dealing with ‘difficult’ parents. Paper presented with Dr. J. Doornenbal at the Fice – congress 2000, Maastricht, 10-13 may 2000.

Teachers’ interventions in young children’s conflicts. Paper presented with M. Hännikäinen at the 10th European Conference on Quality in Early Childhood Education (EECERA), London, 28 august – 31 august 2000.

Pedagogy and peer-relationships in day care centres in four different cultural contexts. Presentation 7th EECERA-Conference, Munich, 2-5 sept. 1997.

Video-Beobachtungen in Kindertagesstätten, paper Kollo­quium “Konfiktverhalten von Kindern in Kinderta­gesstätten”, 13/14 November 1997, Deutsches Jugendin­stitut e.V., München, Deutschland.

Prisoners of the method. Breaking open the child-centred pedagogy in day care centres. Keynote address on the confe­rence “Lear­ning for Life. Centenary Celebration of the Work of Piaget and Vygotsky. The second Warwick Inter­national Early Years Confer­ence”. Organized by the University of Warwick and Open Uni­versity of London. Warwick 25th March till 29th March.

The development of day care pedagogics in the Nether­lands. Conference on Children and City Life. Free University of Berlin, march 15 – 17, 1995.

Three views of education. Keynote address on the Inter­national Study Conference of Childhood Education, organized by the F.A.C.E.I., University of Oulu, Fin­land, june 27 – 29, 1995.

Onthaalmoeders: professioneel en huiselijk. Voordracht voor Symposium Kind en Gezin, Brugge, België, maart 1994.

Dutch parents and their evaluation of day care centres. Paper presented at the Fourth European Conference on the Quality of Early Childhood Education. Gothenborg, Sweden, august 1994.

Family care and institutionalized care: complementing or conflicting? Paper presented at Symposium The Fami­ly: the Cornerstone of Society, may 1994.

Outline of a theory and support method for living in an abusive world. Paper presented at the conference on Violence in Families. Free University Amsterdam, October 1994.