Dr Elly Singer (1948) is is child psychologist, pedagogue and senior researcher and was associate professor at the University Utrecht Department of Developmental Psychology and University of Amsterdam Department of Education. She studied early childhood education and care from multiple perspectives. Her PhD was on the history of research and early childhood education, care, related to social policy issues (Child Care and the Psychology of Develop­ment, 1992; reissued ebook in 2017). In the Netherlands she did observation studies in group child care settings based on constructivist approaches, and she did anthropological studies of the education of young children in social contexts, including Western and non Western cultures. .

Elly (square)1

Her studies concern:

  • The history of early childhood education and care.
  • Social life of young children in group settings: friendship, conflicts, joint play, humor and togetherness.
  • Experiences of parents with child care centers and schools.
  • Professional development, inservice training and pedagogical leadership.
  • Emotion regulation and coping strategies in schoolchildren during social-moral conflicts.
  • Foster care: experiences of (foster)children and (foster)parents in coping with traumas, settling down and leaving.

Elly Singer is and was involved in diverse national and international committees and boards of editors of scientific and professional journal. She was the project leader and co-author of the Dutch pedagogical framework of early childhood education of care; and the Dutch pedagogical framework on Diversity in day care groups of 0 – 13 year-olds. She is a member of the board of Trustees of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association. She and her coworkers widely published in peer reviewed international journal on peer relationships, play engagement, social learning, humor, language development, friendship and group dynamics, professional development.